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Notes from summer

Germany, 2010

A young couple in a car on their way east; off-screen we learn of the man's failed attempt to make a name for himself as a writer in Amsterdam. But the couple does not seem to be a couple, and the encounters with a Russian ex-soldier and a woman in a huge villa do not lead to a conventional narrative either.

"In his diploma film, Jan Bosse works like a contemporary painter with set pieces, fragments, quotations and omissions. He works on a picture of the present of his generation with strong references to German Romanticism and succeeds in creating a dense, sometimes blown away picture of longing and simultaneous disorientation." (Prof. Heiner Stadler)

Cast: Oleg Zhukov, Anna Brüggemann, Nina Machalz, Jurijy Rosstalniy, Magne Havard Brekke, Philip Reuter and Vera Vitali

Camera: Ahmet Sesigurgil

Editing supervisior: Peter Przygodda

Sound design: André Bendocchi-Alves

Music: Márcio Tubino, Sorry Gilberto

Production: BosseFilm/Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München, 40 Grad Filmproduktion

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