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Hotel Moskau

Bulgaria / Germany

Hartmut has lived in Munich-Haidhausen for 30 years. He sees his flat as his cave, which is his workshop, retreat and home. When the house is renovated and even a luxurious attic flat is added, the residents of the house move out.


Only Hartmut remains alone in his flat and begins to document his life on the building site with the help of a filmmaker friend.  Hartmut recognises in the building site a metaphor for human existence, and he takes it as an opportunity to try to take stock of his life.


When his friend suddenly disappears and the shooting of the joint film project is endangered, Hartmut leaves his flat for the first time in many years and goes in search of his friend, who disappeared during his own research in Bulgaria.

Script sketches: Jan Schulz and Jan Bosse

Status: in production

Production: Bosse Film

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